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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


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Why study chemistry or biochemistry at Samford? Chemists and biochemists like to refer to our discipline as the "central science." This expresses our view that chemistry and biochemistry overlap with almost every other branch of science. The knowledge and skill that a student of chemistry or biochemistry develops can be applied to problems from the subatomic scale to those found in the farthest reaches of the universe. The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Samford University is small enough to provide personal attention and yet large enough to provide the breadth of experience needed to qualify our graduates for positions in industry, graduate school, or professional school.

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Samford offers majors in both chemistry and biochemistry, with coursework in the five traditional subject areas of chemistry: analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. In place of the traditional laboratory sections associated with these subject areas at the junior and senior level, a series of unified laboratory courses is currently being employed. The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Samford University is also committed to extending the educational experience of our undergraduates through opportunities to participate directly in high-quality, publishable research through increased interactions with research–active faculty. Such opportunities are offered either through our research course (CHEM 440) or through our summer research program.

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Dr. Morgan S. Ponder
Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry