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Core Curriculum

Samford University's required Core Curriculum of 22 credits provides the foundation for a student's liberal arts education and professional training in the major. All students will take Communication Arts and Cultural Perspectives courses in their freshman year, followed by Biblical Perspectives and Concepts of Fitness and Health in the sophomore year, or later in some cases.

  • Communication Arts (UCCA 101 and 102) emphasize practice in writing and speaking for target audiences. All 101 courses include a Service Learning or Experiential Learning component, and 102 courses emphasize research-based writing and argumentation.
  • Core Texts (UCCP 101 and 102) examine the Western intellectual tradition within a global context. Students read mostly primary texts such as the writings of Plato, Augustine, Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Marie de France, Jane Austen, Galileo, and others. Units on Islam and Buddhism provide a foundation for non-western texts in the Global Village unit that concludes the spring 102 course.
  • Biblical Perspectives (UCBP 101) examines the historical context and religious teachings of Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Students examine the development of religious thought within the biblical period so that they study the Bible by using a variety of modern critical methods.
  • Concepts of Fitness and Health (UCFH 120) as a physical fitness course places emphasis on exercises that develop cardiorespiratory, muscular, and flexibility fitness. Principles of aerobic fitness, nutrition, common fitness injuries, and weight control provide a foundation for lifelong health and wellness.

Visit the Howard College of Arts & Sciences page in the Samford Catalog for details of the Core and General Education requirements.