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Latin American Scholars

The Howard College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce the launch of the Latin American Studies Scholars Program. Talented incoming freshmen will participate in courses and extra-curricular activities designed to develop expertise in the interdisciplinary field of Latin American Studies. The program will culminate in the summer after the LAS Scholar's sophomore year, when they will participate in a subsidized travel-study journey in Latin America.

Participation will enhance employment opportunities, help prepare students interested in mission service in Latin America, and provide significant advantages for those considering graduate studies or professional training. For more information, visit the LAS webpage.

For More Information

The Clark Scholarship in Computational Biology

Modern exploration at the frontiers of life-science research relies heavily upon computer simulation and analysis of biological systems. Computational biology unites the fields of biology, computer science, mathematics, and information technology. The ultimate goal of this emerging discipline is the discovery of new biological insights and the creation of a global perspective from which to discover unifying principles in biology, pharmacology, and medicine. As highly visible efforts such as the human genome project have demonstrated, the importance of such approaches is certain to increase. Scholarships are available for qualified students via the Clark Scholars Program. Follow the links for a program description and an application.

Cognitive Science Scholarship

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary course of study that merges insights from such key areas as computer science, psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience to understand issues involving cognition and behavior. A number of critical issues relate to the quest to understand and reproduce cognitive behaviors. These include exploring the brain as a computational mechanism, considering how artificially constructed systems might do what the brain does, seeking common underlying principles of intelligence, and considering the impact of insights into these issues on the ongoing attempt to understand the relationship between mind and brain. Cognitive Science addresses matters such as these, both by casting them within the appropriate philosophical framework and by considering the nature of specific behaviors in animal and machine. Scholarships are available for qualified students. Follow the links for a program description. An online application is coming soon.


Departmental Scholarships for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

MarthaMyers Medical Missions Scholarship
Hezz& Suaylor Cox Scholarship
HaroldWilcox Scholarship
HerbertMcCullough Scholarship
RonaldL. Jenkins Research Fellow Scholarship

DeLoach Scholarship
Lovin Scholarship
Pilcher Scholarship
Wilcox Scholarship
Xan Scholarship

Mae E. Flynt Travel Scholarship

The Bishop GuildScholarship
The Rex Copeland Scholarship
The Ted & Dee Dee Jackson Scholarship

Margaret O’Bryan Brodnax Endowed Scholarship Fund for Excellence inWriting
Gaines S. Dobbins English Scholarship Fund
James M. and Mildred Ray Hire Scholarship
Myrtis Tureman Kurz Scholarship
English Department Scholarship for London Studies
David Ingram Purser , Sr., and David Ingram Purser, Jr., Scholarship
James L. Treadway Memorial Scholarship
Dean Percy Pratt Burns Scholarship
Joseph L. And Dora Evelyn King Scholarship
English Faculty Scholarship
Pat MurphyCourington Scholarship for an English Major
Charles T.Workman Creative Writing Award

George V. IronsScholarships
Nancy C. LiphamScholarship
Mary WashingtonScholarship
David VessInternational Scholarship
Evelyn Adams MeadowsScholarship
Various otherHistory and History and Law Scholarships

Journalism and MassCommunication
Various Journalismand Mass Communication Scholarships

Mathematics and Computer Science
George T. Crocker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Judson J. Hart Memorial Scholarship
Aubrey F. Lancaster Endowed Scholarship Fund
MATH Scholarship Fund
Greg Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Ruric E. and Joyce R. Wheeler EndowedScholarship

Mabry Lunceford Scholarship

Staci Elise Carnley Endowed Scholarship

Guffin Memorial Scholarship
Julius and Martha Avery Fund
Michael & Laura Duduit Scholarship
Gunn-Slay Memorial Scholarship
John & Lillian Holcomb Scholarship
Ova Nigg Memorial Scholarship
Roland Riggins Endowed Scholarship
W.T. Edwards Endowed Scholarship
John & Jessica Loftis Scholarship
Philip Lynn Payne Ministerial Scholarship
Hubert Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Elmore Scholarship
Claude E. Matthews Scholarship
Patillo Sch. Fund
Bryan Sch. Fund
Abrams Scholarship
Brookwood Baptist – Gray Scholarship
Duel M Wilson Scholarship
Bee Talford Jones Family Scholarship

Bobbie Armstrong Floyd Scholarship

World Languages and Cultures
Grace Hicks Ezell Scholarship (Spanish)
Wheeler Hawley Award (Thomas Hines in French/Hawleyin German)
D. M. Coleman Span Study Abroad Scholarship(Spanish)
World Languages Scholarship/D.M. Coleman
Glenn/Fortune Scholarship
Murray and Sybil Frizzelle Scholarship
Elinor Elwert Scholarship in Portuguese Scholarship
Samford in Spain Scholarship
Samford in France Scholarship
Samford in Germany Scholarship
Samford in Costa Rica Scholarship
Estudio Internacional Sampere Scholarship