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Required Courses

The following information was pulled from the Samford Catalog.

Undergraduate Programs and Requirements

The Department of English offers a major in English, a major in English with a concentration in film studies, and a major in English with a concentration in creative writing, all leading to a bachelor of arts degree. The department also offers a minor in English.

University Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements

See University Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements in the Howard College of Arts and Sciences introductory pages for a list of required and applicable courses. English majors and minors cannot use ENGL 205 (Fiction and Film) to meet the general education humanities requirement.

English Major

The English major courses are designed to give students both depth and breadth in English literary studies. Students learn the works of individual authors and genres as well as broad literary movements. They demonstrate their ability to research and analyze literature in depth by writing a senior thesis in the senior year.

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English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing

The concentration in creative writing combines a foundation in the study of English literature with a strong component in writing poetry, short fiction, and literary nonfiction. Students will learn the history and theory of literary forms alongside the craft of writing. Because the study of creative writing requires extensive reading, creative writing students should expect in-depth study of genres and pivotal literary movements. However, the cornerstone of the creative writing education is the craft-based workshop, small classes where student work is considered along with the work of proven masters. In the spring semester of the senior year, students will demonstrate their skills by writing a creative-writing thesis in a specific genre. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for admission to the program. Once admitted into the program, students must earn a C- or better in all core concentration courses.

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English Major with a Concentration in Film Studies

The English major with a concentration in film studies combines a foundation in the study of English literature with a strong film studies component. While studying a fundamental literary subject such as Shakespeare, students will learn about the history of cinema and the contributions of influential auteurs, as well as the complex dynamics between film and literature. Students will also have the opportunity to perform in-depth studies of important genres and pivotal movements or nationalities. The study of film necessarily includes reading films critically, researching current scholarship, and writing original arguments. In the first semester of their senior year, students will demonstrate their knowledge by writing a thesis that features film exclusively or combines film and literature.

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English Minor

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English Electives

Students pursuing the English major must choose five electives in addition to the English Core. Four of the five must fall under the literature group while the remaining elective can be film-related.

Course Number/Name Credit Hours
Literature Electives  
ENGL 303 Poetry 4
ENGL 304 Short Story 4
ENGL 305 Novel 4
ENGL 306 Drama 4
ENGL 307 Film 4
ENGL 308 American Literary Movements 4
ENGL 309 Special Topics in Literature 4
ENGL 311 Creative Writing: Short Fiction 4
ENGL 312 Creative Writing: Poetry 4
ENGL 320 Millers, Monks, & Other Malefactors: The Canterbury Tales 4
ENGL 321 Fantasy Literature and the Renaissance 4
ENGL 322 Novels of Seduction in 18th Century Literature 4
ENGL 323 Romantic 4
ENGL 324 American Renaissance 4
ENGL 325 Revolution in Faith: Late 19th Century British Literature 4
ENGL 326 Counterculture and Modern British Literature 4
ENGL 327 The American Century 4
ENGL 328 Minority Literature 4
ENGL 330 Junior Seminar 4
ENGL 333 Internship 1-4
ENGL 400 History of the Language 4
ENGL 420 Comparative Literature 4
Film Electives  
ENGL 205 Fiction and Film 4
ENGL 350 Film History 4
ENGL 355 Auteurs 4
FLME 351 Film Adaptation 4
FLME 352 Foreign Film 4
FLME 353 The Science Fiction Film 4
FLME 354 The War Film 4
FLME 356 Special Topics in Film Studies 4