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What is your i-Factor?

Your i-Factor (interest factor) reveals how your special interests match interdisciplinary programs taught by Arts and Sciences faculty. Click on the questions below to match your interests to Samford interdisciplinary programs. 

Are you an academic leader in your school and do you enjoy intellectual discussions?
Samford University Fellows Program
Are you interested in pursuing a research project under the guidance of a faculty member?
Arts & Sciences Program for Independent Research (ASPIRe)
Are you interested in recent breakthroughs in medical research?
Clark Bioinformatics Program
Are you interested in using your language skills (French, German or Spanish) in an international experience?
Latin American Studies Program
Are you interested in church-related ministry?
Pre-Ministerial Program
Are you interested in debating current legal questions?
Mock Trial
Model U.N. 
Are you interested in the role of women in churches and other religious organizations?
Christian Women's Leadership Studies
Are you interested in knowing more about good stewardship of the environment?
Environmental Studies Program
Are you interested in producing short documentary films?
Film Production
Film Studies Concentration
Are you interested in applying the principles of engineering in a science project?
Are you interested in exploring the intersection of science and faith?
Science and Religion
Are you interested in an international career?
Global Studies
Would you like a career in creative writing?
Creative Writing Concentration


Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact us about your own special interests.