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Student reading the Samford Crimson

Samford's student newspaper, The Crimson, is printed weekly.

As the largest major in the Howard College of Arts & Sciences, JMC offers 25 to 32 departmental scholarships each year. JMC students win regional and national awards for media work and scholarship. In recognition of these and other honors, the department has been awarded a chapter of the prestigious Kappa Tau Alpha journalism and mass communication honor society.

JMC majors take no less than five skill courses before graduation. Students also learn to write and produce print media on the staffs of The Samford Crimson, Sojourn Magazine, Exodus Magazine, and the yearbook, Voices/Entre Nous.

Hands-on, practical experience is a cornerstone of a Samford JMC education. Students are required to complete one off campus internship for graduation. Local TV and radio stations, magazine and book publishers, advertising and public relations firms, recording and production studios, newspapers and press associations, photography studios, philanthropies, hospitals, and sports franchises all offer terrific learning opportunities. Several students have also participated in international business internships through Samford’s London Study Centre.

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