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Samford Sunday

Samford Sunday

L-R: Samford Sunday student leaders Jeremiah Chester and Alex Poythress with Dr. Jim Barnette

For 60 years, Samford University and Alabama Baptist churches have celebrated a ministry that nurtures young ministers toward effective pulpit ministry. What began with Howard College Day ("H-Day") in 1948 continues today as Samford Sunday. Every Sunday during the fall and spring semesters, churches in a participating Baptist association open their pulpits for Samford ministerial students. These churches offer a unique opportunity for aspiring young ministers to prepare for future proclamation of the gospel. Countless students and churches have been blessed by this unique partnership called Samford Sunday!

Who participates in Samford Sunday?

If you are a Samford undergraduate who is serious about considering a call to church ministry, particularly the ministry of preaching and/or pastoring, then you are eligible for consideration as a Samford Sunday preacher. However, it is vital that all students who participate in Samford Sundays represent the highest standards both of Samford University and of Alabama Baptist churches.

In order to be eligible to preach, you must first be interviewed and certified by the Samford Sunday Director. You can reach the Director by calling the Religion Department at 205-726-2925.

What happens on a Samford Sunday?

On Sunday mornings during the fall and spring semesters, slated preachers meet together at a designated spot, receive their assignments, pray, and then head out together to preach the Sunday morning message in churches located in the scheduled Baptist association. Preachers arrive at a designated place (usually the associational headquarters) and are then transported to their assigned churches. After the service, preachers are hosted for lunch by the church. (We ARE a Baptist-based ministry, so food MUST be involved in some way!) Following lunch, preachers are escorted back to the associational headquarters and then return to Samford. Preachers also receive an honorarium for preaching, usually between $80 or $90. Preachers who drive are eligible to receive mileage reimbursement.

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Thanks be to God for the Samford Sunday ministry! May it serve you well as you preach the Word in season and out of season!

For More Information

  • Call the Religion Department at (205) 726-2925