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Welcome to the Department of World Languages and Cultures

"Should Have Taken A Foreign Language Class"

The mission of the Department of World Languages and Cultures is to nurture persons, offering learning experiences and relationships within a Christian community, so that each participant may develop personal empowerment, as we

  • learn to communicate effectively across cultures;
  • mature as disciplined scholars and creative human beings;
  • develop enlightened insights, global perspectives, and international awareness;

academic and career competency,as we

  • become proficient in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the world's languages;
  • become knowledgable of our target languages' unique cultural heritage;
  • merge our developing language skills with preparation for the world of work;

social and civic responsibility, as we

  • focus on the global dimension of campus and community life;
  • become role models of cross-cultural understanding;
  • prepare ourselves for leadership as informed, multilingual world citizens;

ethical and spiritual strength,as we

  • acknowledge a God whose love transcends linguistic and cultural barriers;
  • build value systems that celebrate the diversity and fraternity of God's world;
  • commit ourselves to lives of integrity and service to all God's people,

and continuously to improve the effectivness of the department, the campus, and the community, as together we strive to build bridges to the world.

Mikle D. Ledgerwood
Professor and Chair, World Languages and Cultures Department