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Message from the Dean


Welcome to Samford! If you're a student considering your college choices, let me give you a few reasons to consider majoring in one of the many subjects offered in the Howard College of Arts and Sciences:

An emphasis on lasting value

Students are sometimes attracted to "fad" courses and "practical degrees." Neither of these has much lasting value. A few years ago taking a course on "Working with Windows XP" or "How to Program your Palm Pilot" would have been trendy. Now, having such courses on your transcript would be an embarassment. At Samford our emphasis is on those ideas that have stood the test of time.

News and Events

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New Book Celebrates 25 Years of Samford River Ministry

Howard College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce the publication of Summer Missions on the Rio Grande: A Collective Memoir of Samford Students in Ministry, 1975-2003.

The book of memories—including student notes and photos—was a labor of love for World Languages and Cultures Professor Emerita of Spanish Myralyn F. Allgood.

Autographed copies of “Summer Missions on the Rio Grande” are available in Samford’s bookstore ($10 for RM alumni, $20 for others). The book may be purchased online without the RM alumni discount, but is available by mail with the discount (plus $7 shipping) by calling 205-726-2834.

Howard College also has made the book available free-of-charge as a downloadable PDF file.

rm book cover