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Message from the Dean


Welcome to Samford! If you're a student considering your college choices, let me give you a few reasons to consider majoring in one of the many subjects offered in the Howard College of Arts and Sciences:

An emphasis on lasting value

Students are sometimes attracted to "fad" courses and "practical degrees." Neither of these has much lasting value. A few years ago taking a course on "Working with Windows XP" or "How to Program your Palm Pilot" would have been trendy. Now, having such courses on your transcript would be an embarassment. At Samford our emphasis is on those ideas that have stood the test of time.

Oct. 27 Event to Consider 'North Korea Beyond the Nuclear Crisis'

Samford University will host noted Korea scholar David C. Kang for a free public lecture Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. in the university’s Brock Recital Hall. Kang is professor of international relations and business, and director of the Korean Studies Institute at the University of Southern California. He is an internationally acclaimed expert on Asia and the author of many books and articles. smallkang

Kang’s lecture–“North Korea Beyond the Nuclear Crisis”–is sponsored by Samford’s global studies program and history  majors with generous support from the Distinguished Speakers Bureau of the Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies, the Korean Foundation and Howard College of Arts and Sciences.

North Korea is often viewed merely as a national security threat or a human rights disaster. Both depictions are accurate but incomplete. At Samford, Kang will address North Korea as a complex whole, and provide a new lens through which to understand its nuclear program, its depressing lack of progress on human rights, its changing economy and how the people of North Korea are changing.

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