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Welcome to the Biology Department

Math and Science at Samford

Samford University is true to its mission of nurturing persons and offering learning experiences and relationships in a Christian community. Our faculty in biology are committed to these goals within the setting of the liberal arts environment of the Howard College of Arts and Sciences. Students pursue careers in medicine, teaching, research, dentistry, field biology, optometry, marine biology, veterinary medicine, environmental science, and health-related professions.

Whether you are interested in the ecology of the Amazon rainforest, the biodiversity of East Africa, the wonders of field zoology, the excitement of exploring Europe through our London Center, the secrets of modern cell and molecular biology, the stewardship of the environment, the fascination of the medicinal value of plants, or the marvels of the human body, the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences will offer you rich opportunities to develop your interests. I am convinced that Samford is a place where you can identify and cultivate your gifts and talents.

Dr. Ronald N. Hunsinger
Professor and Chair, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences