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Welcome to Samford University's Religion Department.


Like language, culture, and artistic expression, religion is a universal human phenomenon. More than any other facet of human experience, however, religions tell people how they should live, and in many cases, why they should die. That is, religions give an account for all of existence. Through the academic study of religion, therefore, we join the great humanistic enterprise of classical university education: understanding people for the sake of living morally with them.


Founded by Baptists, an important part of Samford’s broad mission has always been to educate ministers.  So, while we design courses to promote the traditional values of liberal education—training in the classics, schooling in virtues, sharpening of the intellect, and writing with clarity—we do our part to support Samford’s goals by also offering courses focused on the practice of Christian ministry and by enrolling qualified students in our Preministerial Scholars Program.  Samford’s distinction is to offer interested students, who are in an academically rigorous undergraduate setting, practica and internships that link the intellectual work of the classroom to ministry in daily life.

Our web page is designed to give you lots of information about what we have to offer. I invite you to browse our site by clicking on the links to the left or by visiting our Facebook page (the link is to the right). I think you will appreciate the curriculum and programs that our faculty has designed. Be sure to visit our faculty pages, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Mrs. Ridgeway, or any of our faculty.

Dr. Ken Roxburgh, Chair of the Religion Department


Banner photo: Adoniram Judson in Burma, stained glass window in First Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. (photo by by Dr. David R. Bains)